Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kings of Kings

The latest in the reggaeton world as for male artist's Don omar is one of the greatist he is very excellent on stage and fans have to swing even if dancing is hard for them they still enjoy Don Omar no matter what. I just love his hair styles the girls go crazy when they see his perfection in himself as a individual as well as a solo artist.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Best of Ivy Queen

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As the hot unlimited queen of reggaeton proceeds to create ultimate hits she still manages to take time out for her fans and write lyrics that people look forward to playing. Oh my goodness and to mention Ivy's decent clothing even when she Steps on stage listen to the crowd scream with excitement. This is a artist you don't want to miss.

Most of all have you read about her history? Well if your a true fan of Ivy Queen then it will interest you on how she grew from a toddler to a inspiring adult in the latin spirited culture. In conclusion every thing that has ever been said on the behalf of Ivy is always positive. So please tune into more of her on and listen as much as you can, because it doesn't stop in fact the smash hit artist continues to grow with such greatfull fans.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dude Where's My Car

I saw this movie and the honest truth is it's awesome & funny I loved it. Get your own DVD of Dude Where's My Car Now just click on the display on my site to order. The ending was Cool so you have to see it for your self.

This is the type of movie I would watch over again & share it with my friends and family. Trust me you will do the same once you check it out and realize I was rite all along.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ivy Queen

Ivy Queen moved to San Juan at the age of 18, where she met rapper and producer DJ Negro, who helped her earn performing spots at The Noise, a club catering to the emerging reggaeton scene. DJ Negro began producing a series of CDs centered around The Noise, and Martha -- as Ivy Queen -- made her first appearance on the fifth installment of the CD series with a track called "Somos Raperos Pero no Delincuentes."
Ivy was growing increasingly tired of the violent and explicit sexual lyrics rampant on the scene, and went out on her own in 1996, releasing a debut album, En Mi Imperio, which was quickly picked up by Sony for distribution in 1997. A second album from Sony, The Original Rude Girl, appeared a year later in 1998, followed by the much anticipated Diva, which was released in 2003 on Real Music. Real appeared a year later on Universal Latino, followed by Flashback on Univision in 2005. Ivy Queen has earned her name as "The Queen of Reggaeton" due to her success. She is among the few female artists in the reggaeton genre. Despite being in genre of music dominated by men, she has been able to have 2 Top 10 albums, and 3 Top 10 singles, along with over 900,000 records sold worldwide


Yomo (born Jose Alberto Torres Aberu) raised in the barrio of Tres Puntos, Humacao, Puerto Rico,but born in Chicago, Illinois. Before becoming a professional artist, he used to work as a handyman on Puerto Rico's Palmas del Mar Beach. Yomo was also friends with reggaeton artist Tempo as he and Yomo sung in My Destiny.